Kayak Rally



This years Kayak Rally is scheduled for Sunday July 30th 2017.  The event is open to Canoes, Kayaks and Paddle Boards.   The event raises funds to support our local youth and is a great event to draw our  community together.  This year the proceeds will be used to support the Tilghman Area Youth Association’s after school program and the Tilghman United Methodist Church’s Youth Band.  Sign in starts at 11:00 and the Rally at 11:30.

Sunday’s Rally starts from the residential community and marina, Tilghman on Chesapeake, the “kayak rally,” is a leisurely bird and nature watching, 2 1/2 – mile trip to the scenic Black Walnut Point Inn.  At the Inn a  healthy lunch of wraps, home made side dishes, and an assortment of desserts and refreshments  will be served in a large marquee. Paddlers can rest awhile and stroll the Inn’s grounds and enjoy the panoramic views on the low cliffs overlooking the Bay.  Paddlers can return along the same 2.5 mile route they came by, or take advantage of complementary transportation back to the marina.  Volunteers will be available to help reload kayaks onto cars.  For any kayaker who is ready for a challenge, the cruise continues on  from the Inn to circumnavigate the entire island, pass through “the Narrows” and under the Tilghman Island bridge and home again to the marina. An estimated 8.5 mile trip in total.


Starting at Knapps Narrows Bridge, proceed 1 mile to Island Club Rd turn left.

Follow Island Club Rd for .03 miles Turn left at the tee to stay on Island Club Rd.

Continue on for 0.7 to the Rally unloading area

We will have greeters at unloading to direct and assist you. The address is 21610 Island Club Rd, Tilghman, MD 21671

We will have some signage where 33 and Island Club intersect.


Kayak Rally Registration Form

Registration Form, each paddler must complete a separate form

Rental Kayak Section

$40 for each paddler
$25 Rental Fee for each Single Kayak
$40 Rental Fee for each Tandem Kayak

Lunch Section for non-paddlers coming for lunch only

$15 for lunch only

Graphic Art Design Contest and the Kayak Rally

The Tilghman Area Youth Association is sponsoring a graphic design contest.  We are looking for artwork to be used on a sticker for this year’s Kayak Rally at Tilghman Island.  During the July 30th Kayak Rally, every paddler who successfully completes an 8.5 mile circuit around Tilghman Island receives a sticker to commemorate this accomplishment.  We are looking for a design for this year’s sticker and the winning designer will receive a $50 Amazon gift card.

The Kayak Rally, is a fund raiser for The Tilghman Area Youth Association.  Paddlers gather at Tilghman On Chesapeake Yacht Club, paddle to Black Walnut Point Inn for a luncheon and then can either reload their kayaks, or for the more adventurous continue on and circumnavigate the Island, passing through Knapps Narrows and under the Drawbridge.  Details about the Kayak rally can be found on the Tilghman Area Youth Association (TAYA)  website. www.Tayamd.org  or by calling  Debra Brookhouser at 410-886-2881.

Design Contest: Guidelines and Submission Instructions:

1)   Winner will receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card

2)  Design needs to be circular  in shape and suitable for display on an 3 inch diameter sticker.  Submissions may be in digital format or hand drawn.

3)  Design needs to contain images or words to convey (as many of these as possible)

  •          Sponsor’s Name  TAYA  (Tilghman Area Youth Association)
  •          Tilghman Island
  •          Accomplishment of going around the Island
  •         Reference to Kayaking or Paddling

4)  Entries are judged on

  • adherence to the above guidelines
  • creativity
  • clarity of delivering message
  • suitability to the accomplishment of circumnavigating the Island.

5) Send your submissions  to Debra Brookhouser at PO 154 Tilghman Md 21671 or email to dbrookhouser@gmail.com.

6)  Designs due by July 1st 2017 and the winner will be announced on July 7th

If you have questions call Debra Brookhouser at 886-2881 or email dbrookhouser@gmail.com